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Azercell celebrates a quarter of a century on Azerbaijani market

calendar 15.12.2021

The choice of more than 5 mln subscribers “Azercell Telecom” LLC celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation. The creation of Azercell in 1996 was a part of large-scale and effective reforms carried out by the administration of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in the newly independent Republic of Azerbaijan. We are proud to mention that the Great Leader was the first person who tested GSM technology and answered the first historical call made on Azercell network.

Within the quarter-century of its activity the company has solidified its position as a leader of the mobile market in Azerbaijan, continuously delivering cutting edge solutions, quality, innovative and accessible communication services to its subscribers. Azercell was the first to deploy GSM technology, 24/7 Call Center, SimSim prepaid call system, M2M services, 4G technology, Express office customer services, Mobile and Online customer care services and tested 5G pilot network in Azerbaijan.

Azercell is the largest taxpayer in Azerbaijan's non-oil sector. For the last two decades the mobile operator paid more than AZN 2 billion to the state budget, invested more than USD 1.7 billion in the development of telecommunications, spent more than USD 22 million to social projects.

According to the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev signed on February 2, 2021 areas of modern innovations and competitive human capital is one of the 5 top national priorities for socio-economic development. Today Azercell is striving for a new digital era by expanding its network all over the country, researching and creating modern digital and cyber services, as well as advanced communication solutions. This is reflected in the renewed corporate strategy of Azercell aimed at foreseeing and aligning with the evolving expectations of both individuals and enterprises of all forms of ownership and of various sizes.

“We are living through extraordinary and challenging times. Technological developments are accelerated relentlessly, and our consumers are becoming much more technically savvy.  Our new purpose is about “Easing connectivity, empowering lives!”. We need to constantly learn, improve, challenge ourselves, understand our impact on society and work hard to stay relevant to our customers, predict and even exceed their expectations and get even more integrated into their lives 24/7. That’s what it takes to succeed in these market conditions and times of growth!”, - noted CEO of “Azercell Telecom” LLC Zarina Zeynalova unveiling the new purpose of the company.

25 years is a significant milestone, which today encourages Azercell to rethink its prospects and present a new brand platform that aimed to meet and predict the demands of the high-tech era. The new slogan of Azercell brand “Sənə yaxın gələcək”/ “The future is close to you”. The new communication concept was developed based on the everyday life stories of an Azerbaijani family and shows how modern digital and communication solutions are becoming more accessible and closer to their consumers, helping them to further improve the quality and safety of their lives.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary and brand renewal, Azercell would like to thank all its subscribers for choosing and trusting their company all these years.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary and keep up-to-date with the latest company news, Azercell kindly invites its subscribers to follow its Social Media accounts: