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Azercell at the service of its elderly subscribers!

calendar 29.01.2022

“Azercell Volunteers” and the company’s Mobile Customer Care unit have visited the boarding house for war and labor veterans 

Taking various initiatives for more vulnerable segments of the population, “Azercell Volunteers”, the charity group consisting of company’s  employees  continues to provide care for people of different ages for many years. This time  Azercell Volunteers, paid another visit to the boarding house No. 9 for war and labor veterans in Bilgah settlement. This time Azercell Mobile Customer Care unit has joined them as well.

Thus, in line with company’s strategic goal of "Easing connectivity, empowering lives!,  Azercell team took the initiative to meet the communication needs of retired subscribers in the boarding house, making it easier for them to benefit from these services. Azercell Mobile Customer Care has performed more than 30 customer operations for more than 50 retirees during the day, providing free on-site services to the residents of the boarding house. They have alsoguided them on the use of various mobile phone functions to communicate more comfortably with their relatives and loved ones. It should be noted that all types of services and operations provided at Azercell's Customer Service Centers, including operations such as new establishment, SIM card replacement and number restoration were carried out during the visit. The residents of the boarding house expressed their gratitude to Azercell employees for this initiative, aimed at bringing our elderly compatriots closer to the world through communication services.

Earlier, Azercell Mobile Customer Care was the first mobile operator to visit Shusha for the to provide free communication services to servicemen, medical staff and other personnel involved in the reconstruction project in the liberated city. The service also plans to pay a visit to other liberated regions in the upcoming months.

“Azercell Volunteers” charity group, together with other service units of the company, aims to continue to implement new social initiatives for more vulnerable and needy groups of the population further on.