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To the attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 19.07.2019
  • From 29.05.2019 Azercell Telecom LLC has launched new tariff packages “Sərbəst 15”, “Sərbəst 25”, “Sərbəst 50”, “Sərbəst 75” for numbers related to the Postpaid system. Taking into account the urgency of the new tariff packages, starting from 19.08.2019, connection to “Hədsiz”, “Hədsiz Zəng”,“Hədsiz İnternet” tariffs will be stopped for postpaid tariffs. Subscribers who have joined before the specified date will be provided with an opportunity to continue using the tariff in accordance with standard rules.


  • As of 19.08.2019, the validity of existing 25, 50, 100 AZN call-up cards for prepaid (SimSim) line numbers will be valid for 180 days.