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To the attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 06.03.2019

As of 05.04.2019, new usage terms will be applied to “Zengimcell” service rendered to subscribers of “Azercell Telecom” LLC. The service fee will be regulated in accordance with the amount existing in the balance of the number. Meanwhile, subscribers with no sufficient amount in the balance may activate 10-day service (0.50 AZN) and benefit from the mentioned service by making partial payment after topping up the balance.  The subscription to “Zengimcell” service for 1 (one) day constitutes 0.05 AZN (Maximum 30- day subscription (1.50 AZN) is provided within the service). If a subscriber does not cancel the service on completion of the mentioned period, the subscription to the service is automatically prolonged upon the amount existing in the number balance.  New tariffs will be applied until 05.04.2019 for subscribers using “Zengimcell” service after completion of the usage period of the service obtained for the previous tariffs.