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To the attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 02.01.2019

The specified rules will be applied to the packages shown below and the ones provided to the Corporate Segment by “Azercell Telecom” LLC since January 25, 2019:

The offers provided within the frame of the following packages are meant only for individual use: “Biznes 10”, “Şirkətim”,”Biznes 16”, “Minimalist”,”Biznes 20”, “Biznes 25”,”Optimist Danışıq”, “Optimist Şəbəkə, “Optimist İnternet”, “Biznes 55”,“Praqmatist”, “Maksimalist” and “İdealist”.   It is forbidden to use the offers provided within the frame of the mentioned packages not individually, but for other purposes (sending Advertisement and Spam SMS, using Simbox, Fix GSM and similar types of devices as well as illegal telecommunication services), also beyond the capabilities of individual mobile phone devices.  In case of revealing out the facts of using the opportunities (minutes/SMS/Internet) provided within the mentioned packages by deviating from the usage terms, the subscription to respective packages in those numbers will be terminated.   After the termination of subscription to respective packages, the use of telecommunication services will be charged upon tariff packages existing in those numbers.

Within the frame of “Praqmatist”, “Maksimalist” and “Idealist” packages the opportunity of 15 000 on-net call minutes, 10 000 off-net call minutes, sending intra-country 5000 SMS (not applied to short numbers and roaming service) will be provided during the billing cycle.  The opportunities provided within the frame of respective packages will be applied during the billing cycle.  The unused part of the volume is cancelled (annulled) during that usage period and the remaining part is not transferred to the next cycle.   When using the opportunities provided within the packages to the full extent, during the usage period charging shall be applied for additional telecommunication services used by a subscriber under the terms of the tariff package existing in the numbers.