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FAO: Azercell subscribers

calendar 12.10.2022

"Azercell Telekom" LLC will apply new tariffs starting from 11.12.2022 in "Zengimcell" service.

Starting from 12.11.2022, the daily subscription fee is set at AZN 0.06. The term of subscription is limited to 30 days (AZN 1.80). Subscribers with less than AZN 0.06 in balance can initially activate a 10-day subscription to the service. In this case, the subscription fee of 0.60 AZN is deducted from the balance in whole or in part upon the top-up.

To activate Zangimcell service, you need to text any Zangimcell code to 6900 or 6070. You can also download Zangimcell by dialing *185*(song code)#YES and change the selected track for free during the subscription period. Subscribers can get acquainted with music tracks and their codes at

For the subscribers who activated the "Zangimcell" service until 12.11.2022 the new tariffs will be applied after the expiration of the service period obtained at the previous price.

Detailed information about the changes, rules for using and rejecting "Zangimcell" service, accessing the music tracks and getting their codes, as well as services, tariffs and campaigns provided by "Azercell Telekom" LLC can be obtained at the official website ( or by contacting Customer Services (MX offices, 24/7 Call Center).