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To the attention of Azercell subscribers!

calendar 15.08.2023

To the attention of Azercell subscribers!

Azercell Telecom LLC urges its subscribers not to respond to suspicious links and messages sent via the WhatsApp messaging system and other channels. We state that Azercell Telecom LLC has no relation to such content. To avoid possible extra costs, Azercell Telecom LLC recommends its subscribers not to answer suspicious calls and SMS and not to use unreliable Internet resources, as well as observe security measures concerning devices and numbers, not to leave devices unattended or disclose passwords, received in connection with the use of services, to third parties, and not to join various suspicious games, contests, etc.

In particular, subscribers are advised to activate two-factor authentication to improve security measures in their messaging systems (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc.) and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, etc.). When identifying unauthorized access/intervention to your respective account, take immediate measures to recover the account, and change the way of receiving OTP: ONE TIME PASSWORD for authentication to a phone call, which is considered more secure than SMS. In case of any problems, please immediately contact the Support Center of the relevant social network/messaging system via the appropriate app section (ayarlar/settings/настройки).