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To the attention of Azercell subscribers!

calendar 01.12.2023

In order to improve the quality of rendered services, optimize the tariffs offered to customers in an environment with constantly increasing need for mobile internet and provide more user-friendly and convenient opportunities to subscribers, the following changes will be applied as of February 19, 2024:

  1. A monthly subscription fee in the amount of 0.20 AZN with VAT inclusive will be applied to the "Missed call" service meant for use of prepaid (SimSim) and postpaid line system of "Azercell Telekom" LLC. Once the phone is switched off or out of range via the services “Missed Call” and “Report” , in addition to receiving all the details (by whom and when it was made) about missed calls, subscribers will get an automatic SMS "notification" about the return of the other party to the network. To deactivate the service, you are required to send STOP to 6080 or dial *608*0#YES. Due to the fact that the “Report” service does not operate independently, it gets cancelled once the “Missed call” service is deactivated.  
  1. The "Azercellim" tariff package considered for the use of prepaid (SimSim) line numbers is going to offer more favorable conditions of use. To be exact, instead of on-net and off-net calls within the “Azercellim” tariff package, more convenient and efficient opportunity of use is created by providing domestic calls. This will allow subscribers to talk more comfortably in all directions and more easily control the balance of the number. For 1 (one) minute of domestic call 0.06 AZN will be applied within "Azercellim" tariff package. 
  1. In order to make the use of Internet packages more efficient, to reduce the need to purchase an additional package after the end of the Internet Package, "Azercell Telekom" LLC offers larger monthly and daily Internet packages to subscribers of the prepaid (SimSim) and postpaid line system:

Note: As of February 19, 2024, new subscriptions to the 500 MB monthly internet package will be suspended. Subscribers activating the package prior to that date will continue to use the corresponding internet package until the subscription is canceled. The new changes will be applied after the expiry of the respective usage period for the monthly and daily internet packages active until the specified date.

Subscribers can get detailed information about indicated changes, the order, replacement and rejection manner of Tariff and Internet packages as well as services provided by "Azercell Telecom" LLC, current tariffs, ongoing campaigns by visiting our official website (, also by applying to the Customer Care (CC offices, Call Center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).