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Azercell introduces eSIM!

calendar 13.12.2022

Azercell introduces eSIM!

The leading mobile operator offers customers an opportunity to switch to eSIM free of charge and online

Following its strategic goal of "Easing connectivity, empowering lives!" Azercell Telecom continues to deliver a digital and modern customer experience. eSIM service introduced by Azercell is the next step in the operator's aspiration towards digitalization of its products and services, introducing further flexibility to its subscribers and redesigning their customer journey.

Subscribers who wish to switch their existing Azercell number to eSIM can safely activate the service free of charge via Azercell's online sales platform utilizing a one-time OTP code sent via SMS as an alternative to the user's personal signature. They can also do that at operator's retail outlets. However, it should be noted that only the first change to eSim will be free of charge; subsequent SIM card changes for any reason will incur regular charges.

First-time purchasers of Azercell eSIM numbers can obtain the service via the operator's dealer stores or do so online using their SIMA electronic signature in full compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. SIMA - a cloud-based version of the electronic signature created by AzInTelecom under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan is identical to manual signature.  

Azercell's eSIM has several layers of integrated security and authentication protocol.

eSIM has proved to have many advantages over conventional SIM cards: it ensures the security of the user's data in case of loss, theft or damage of the mobile device and provides the convenience of carrying multiple numbers on one phone without the need to switch them physically. The card is also environmentally friendly, contributing to the global sustainability agenda.