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To the attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 22.02.2024

Starting from march 25, 2024, regarding to the "My Business 1GB", "My Business 3GB", "My Business 5GB", "My Business 10GB" and "My Business 50GB" tariff packages intended for corporate subscribers of the Postpaid line system of "Azercell Telecom" LLC more favorable conditions are being introduced. Thus, by increasing the volume of internet packages provided within the framework of "My Business" tariff packages, the possibility of more convenient use is created. At the same time, subscribers will continue to use other services (calls/SMS) with the current conditions under the "My Business" tariff packages.


The previous name of the tariff The new name of the tariff Price (VAT included, AZN) Corporate calls Calls Internet SMS International calls
My Business 1GB My Business 3GB 14 Unlimited 700 minutes (cross-net) 3GB 500
My Business 3GB My Business 6GB 19 Unlimited 1300 minutes (cross-net) 6GB 1000
My Business 5GB My Business 9GB 24 Unlimited 2500 minutes (cross-net) 9GB 2000 10 minutes
My Business 10GB My Business 15GB 34 Unlimited 4000 minutes (cross-net) 15GB 2000 20 minutes
My Business 50GB My Business 55GB 54 Unlimited 7000 minutes (cross-net) 55GB 3000 30 minutes

Note: The calculation interval is 10 seconds for calls and 51KB for internet.

Note: Subscribers can get detailed information about the changes made, conditions, ordering, replacement and cancellation of the tariff packages, as well as services, tariffs and campaigns provided by “Azercell Telecom” LLC, on our official website ( or by contacting with the Customer Service (Customer Service Offices, Call Center 7/24 - for SimSim subscribers (+994 12) 490 49 49 or 2002; For postpaid line subscribers (+994 12) 490 52 52 or 6565, e-mail:, as well as Online Customer Service).

Corporate subscribers can get detailed information about available tariffs, campaigns and services, perform various operations and receive technical support by calling Customer Services (+994 12) 490 49 40 or 6050 (1 call: 0.10 AZN, Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00; Saturday 09:00 - 16:00) and also by applying