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Azercell held a social project for the children of martyrs on the occasion of June 1, International Children's Day

calendar 01.06.2021

With the support of Azercell, online trainings have been held with the participation of the mothers of more than 300 children of martyrs within the framework of the "Big Memories in Little Hearts" social project on the occasion the International Children's Day on June 1. Psychological trainings were organized through art therapy for the families of the brave servicemen who died in the 44-day war for the freedom of our lands. Psychological assistance had been provided to the children and their parents at the "Tree of Dreams" training sessions. Professional psychologists helped them cope with their emotional problems. The next stage of the "Big Memories in Little Hearts" project implemented by Azercell in cooperation with “GID CSR Consulting” is the participation of the celebrities in the trainings as guests. They will share their success stories and talk about how they overcame the challenges they faced on their life way.

During the training sessions, the emotional state of the children and their parents, who were under great psychological stress, had been revealed, and they were allowed to express their experiences through art. The children used art to transfer their feelings to paper. Art therapy, which is useful for both children and adults, has helped to reveal the inner world of children, as well as reveal their hidden abilities.

The children of martyrs also shared their memories of their heroic fathers during the meetings held within the "Big Memories in Little Hearts" project. As a result, a book of children's best memories of their heroic fathers will soon be published in both digital and printed formats. The electronic version of the book will also be available in the Bookmate mobile application.

At the same time, as part of the event organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the International Children's Day on June 1, Azercell also congratulated the children of the April war martyrs and martyrs who worked in the field of telecommunications and died in the Second Karabakh War.