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500 girls have started judo classes!

calendar 27.06.2023

500 girls have started judo classes!

The social campaign "White suits girls best," announced by "Azercell Teleсom" LLC in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, continues to encourage girls to get active

The social campaign "White suits girls best," carried out jointly by "Azercell Teleсom" LLC and the Azerbaijan Judo Federation since June 12, 2023, is already making an impact. Thus, about 500 girls from different regions of Azerbaijan have already signed up for judo classes.

It should be noted that the social project encourages girls to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, boosting their self-confidence and assertiveness. At the same time, the project addresses child marriage, which remains one of the most critical global and national issues.

Within the campaign, schoolgirls aged 7–14 who want to join the ranks of judo practitioners can enroll at Judo Federation schools or regional branches. The first 1000 girls will receive a free judogi and a month of free training.

To enroll girls in judo, please call (+994 50) 226 28 34, (+994 50) 226 28 35, or visit

Let girls wear judogi because white suits girls best.