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Over 1 million queries for the last 3 months

calendar 22.04.2022

24/7 Azercell’s Call Center achieved 93% customer satisfaction

Providing an innovative and world-class customer service system in Azerbaijan, “Azercell Telecom” LLC constantly working on increasing the level of customer satisfaction. The new mission of the company "Easing Connectivity, Empowering Lives" focuses on making life easier for subscribers by providing convenient and innovative solutions. The company serves its subscribers through various service channels to ensure timely and effective response to inquiries, careful consideration of all suggestions and comments made by customers.

Responding quickly to growing needs of modern customers, Azercell devotes particular attention to expanding the range of services provided through digital channels. Over the last 3 months, the company received more than 250 000 inquiries through online channels and about 38 000 of them were addressed through social networks. Currently, Azercell provides customer services via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

“Azercell Telecom” LLC also released the statistics of incoming calls to the Call Center for the first quarter of current year. Thus, over the past 3 months Azercell's Call Center received about 1 million calls, ensuring the response rate of 98%. 28 000 of these calls were directed to Azercell Premium support line, while about 34 000 calls to the Call Center for Corporate Customers. The customer satisfaction level of the Call Center was 93%.

The average response time was 2-2.5 minutes. The inquiries received through different channels were mainly related to internet packages, number-related transactions, information on tariffs and campaigns, balance and payment issues.

It should be noted that Azercell’s "Kabinetim" app developed to provide the best customer experience, is also one of the biggest steps taken to address subscriber inquiries.  Supporting Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages “Kabinetim” app allows customers to apply to Azercell customer services via online chat and subscribe to the services.

Azercell has always been known for its innovative actions in the field of Customer Service. The company established the first 24/7 Call Center in the country in 1998, and the first Regional Call Center in Ganja in 2009. Setting an exemplary model in the field of customer service in our country, Azercell was awarded with “ISO 10002:2018: Quality management-Customer satisfaction-Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations”, "ISO 10004: 2018: Quality Management / Guidelines for Monitoring and Measuring Customer Satisfaction" and “ISO 18295-1:2017 Customer contact centres: Requirements for customer contact centres”   

It is worth mentioning that Azercell Call Center provides service in 7/24 mode via the short number * 1111, as well as fixed-line numbers 012 -4904949 (for Prepaid Line subscribers) and for 012-4905252 (Postpaid Line subscribers).