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Article 2.8

calendar 19.12.2019

Article 2.8 is added to the Subscribers' Agreements, which regulate the relations between subscribers and Azercell Telecom LLC related with prepaid (SimSim) and postpaid numbers. The relevant addition will come into force on January 8, 2020, and will be applied in relation to numbers related to both prepaid (SimSim) and postpaid systems.

“2.8. The funds paid for telecommunication services can be used to make payments through banks and other organizations at the destination determined by the subscriber in connection with the purchase of various services and goods. ”

At the same time, subscribers can get detailed information on services, tariffs and campaigns provided by Azercell Telecom LLC on our official website (, as well as Customer Service ,SimSim (012) 490494902, Postpaid subscribers (012) 490525265, Email:;, including online customer service).