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How do I activate Serbest tariff package?

How do I activate Serbest tariff package?

Prepaid subscribers can activate Serbest tariff via sending appropriate key word S10 (for Serbest10 activation) , S15 (for Serbest 15 activation) , S25 (for Serbest 25 activation) , S50 (for Serbest 50 activation) , S75 (for Serbest 75activation) to 7575 or dialing one of the following codes accordingly:

*750*4*10#YES – Serbest 10

*750*4*15#YES – Serbest 15

*750*4*25#YES – Serbest 25

*750*4*50#YES – Serbest 50

*750*4*75#YES -Serbest 75

Note: Price of SMS request sent to 7575 is 0.01 AZN

Postpaid subscribers can activate Serbest tariff via sending appropriate keyword S15 (for Serbest 15), S25 (for Serbest 25), S50 (for Serbest 50), S75 (for Serbest) to 650.