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Your daily payments are getting mobile with my Kabinetim


General information

Your daily payments are getting mobile with Kabinetim.

One more news in Kabinetim app, which is often updated and offers more convenient solutions for you.

You can now take advantage of the mobile payment service through Kabinetim application.

This service will create an opportunity for paying communal and daily costs by your mobile balance. When you register in Kabinetim, you can use this service easily.

How to pay?

Just select the “Mobile Payment” section from the Menu. You can pay with entering the required information for the choice of which service you want to pay. After payment, you will get notification about deleting amount from your balance. You can see the payment of the last 90 days from the history section.


Azercell prepaid subscribers can now donate to "Fund to Support the Fight against Coronavirus" via "Mobile Payment".

Azercell prepaid subscribers can donate to the "Azerbaijan Armed Forces Assistance Fund" via "Mobile Payment".


Make transfers with Kabinetim!

The minimum transaction value is 1 AZN and the maximum value is 500 AZN. 

This service is free until June 8, 2020! 

As of June 8, 2020, a service fee of 5% (including VAT) will apply to all Kabinetim transactions.

Postpaid and prepaid subscribers can transfer balance to both postpaid and prepaid numbers using Kabinetim.

Additional Information

The payment function of the Kabinetim app is currently limited to individuals.

The maximum value of a single Kabinetim transaction is 50 AZN. The maximum value of Kabinetim transactions for the last 30 days is 500 AZN.

The minimum balance to perform a Kabinetim transaction is 3 AZN after payment.

The Kabinetim mobile payment service is available for both postpaid and prepaid line subscribers.

Any amounts transferred to Azercell Postpaid using mobile payments cannot be cashed.