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Share & Gain

Share & Gain

Sharing is profitable!

Exclusively for Kabinetim users

All you need to start earning is an active Azercell SIM card

How to use Share & Gain?

Getting bonuses has never been simpler!


Use Kabinetim to share Azercell apps with your friends

Friends subscribe

Your friends will receive the recommendations and subscribe to the apps they like


Get bonuses depending on the subscription period

Free bonuses, simply for sharing an app

Free bonuses, simply for sharing an app

Simply share the apps that you think your friends will like and get rewarded!

Start earning right now! Free rewards in 5 steps

Suggest useful apps to your friend sand get free bonuses to your balance

Start earning right now! Free rewards in 5 steps

Additional information

Yes, “Share & Gain” program is available to both postpaid and prepaid users.

"Share & Gain’’ program is covering below stated services and applications:

  • Azercell Kabinetim
  • Azercell Applications

The “Share & Gain” program is currently only valid for apps recommended and installed through Azercell Kabietim.

When subscribing to Azercell applications within the program, bonuses are provided according to the subscription period (0.25 AZN for weekly subscription, 1 AZN for monthly subscription).

For a new user of "Kabinetim", you get 0.10 AZN.

Bonuses will be awarded to you after the subscriber subscribes to the recommended service (only via Kabinetim push notification).

An application can only be referred between 2 users once. All further attempts will be rejected. However, a 0.10 AZN bonus will be given if a customer installs the same application on a new device (with a different IMEI number).

No, you can recommend it to any number of users and earn bonuses.

There are no restrictions on the use of earned bonuses.

Trial periods do not apply to Azercell Applications downloaded through the “Share & Gain” program.