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New 010 numbers

The choice of winners!


From Azercell to the victorious people!

New numbers with the prefix "010" are already on sale. The real winners choose Azercell. Make your choice too!

General information

Get a number with the new prefix and subscribe to one of the tariffs below:

GəncOL 6
GəncOL 9
Sərbəst 10
Sərbəst 15
Sərbəst 25
Sərbəst 50
Sərbəst 75

Number selection

To select and purchase available numbers online, please visit

Additional Information

After ordering online and making a payment, a special code will be sent to the specified contact number.

The number can be obtained by presenting this code at any Azercell sales point.

To activate a prepaid system line number, in addition to the cost of the number, a subscription fee must be paid at the selected tariff and 3 AZN must be added to the balance. After activating the number, the paid 3 AZN will be added to the balance of the number as a bonus.

To activate the postpaid system line number, in addition to its cost, it is required to pay a subscription fee for the selected tariff package, excluding the tariffs "Sərbəst 10" and "GəncOL", and top up the balance by 2 AZN. One-time 50% discount will be applied at the first subscription to the tariff.

Note: Tariff bonuses for postpaid subscribers are credited at 00:00 PM on the day of activation of the number. Until then, internet usage will be calculated according to the standard tariff terms.

All numbers worth up to 1000 AZN are activated only by subscribing to one of the indicated tariffs.

Numbers worth over 1000 AZN can be activated by subscribing to any tariff.

Numbers with new prefixes are intended for both postpaid and non-postpaid subscribers.

Available numbers can be selected and ordered online via the website After making the payment online, a new number and reservation code will be sent to the contact number and e-mail address. You can get your number by presenting this information to any Azercell Exclusive office within 7 days.

Sale of the numbers with a new prefix is carried out according to the following rules:

  1. Those who want to get numbers up to 1000 AZN must subscribe to one of the tariffs “Sərbəst” or “GəncOL” .
  2. Those who want to get numbers worth over 1000 AZN can choose any tariff and subscribe.

Postpaid subscribers can transfer their numbers to the prepaid line system.

There is no fee to replace one tariff with another within 30 days from the moment the number is activated. Existing bonuses are terminated during the transfer.

It is possible to subscribe to “Sərbəst” tariff with a new prefix number "010". Postpaid subscribers get a one-time 50% discount when subscribing to the “Sərbəst” tariff. Bonuses are presented on the same day at 00:00.

If the postpaid system number has been deactivated due to debt, it cannot be reactivated.

The subscriber can choose one of the tariffs provided to activate the number and switch to any other available tariffs after subscribing.

The subscriber can switch from postpaid to prepaid line system or vice versa in the new numbers with the prefix "010".

When the number with the prefix "010" is activated, the subscriber will first receive a "Welcome" message, then an SMS about internet settings and tariff activation.

Unlike numbers with the prefix 050/051, when you get numbers with the prefix 010, you have to pay an additional 2 AZN. Subscribers who received numbers of the prepaid system pay the corresponding amount for the following services and products:

  • Registration fee: 1 AZN
  • Service fee for a new prefix: 2 AZN
  • The cost of the number and subscription fee for the selected tariff

Subscribers who have received postpaid numbers pay for the following services and products in the corresponding amount:

  • Service fee for a new prefix: 2 AZN
  • The cost of the number and subscription fee for the selected tariff

In accordance with the selected tariff, an SMS notification about tariff activation is sent to the subscriber's number.

As soon as the numbers with the prepaid line system are activated, the internet bonuses of the tariff will be provided immediately, and the use of the Internet will become free.