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Collect VAT on "Kabinetim"!

Scan receipts via "Azercell Kabinetim" and collect VAT!


General information

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the amount charged when accepting payments in retail and catering establishments. You have the opportunity to get this amount back. To do this, you need to log in your existing "ƏDV Geri Al" account or register on the "Kabinetim" application. The refund amount is 15% of the VAT paid on non-cash payments and 10% on cash  payments.

Now you have the opportunity to collect VAT directly in the personal account of the "Kabinetim" application and convert the amount into a balance. The collected amount can be used to top-up the balance both for yourself and for any Azercell subscriber.

Scan the purchase receipts via "Kabinetim" and use the collected amount in the payments you make through the application. Thanks to the convenient system, your single VAT balance will be reflected in both ABB Mobile and "Azercell "Kabinetim". You can also check your VAT balance and Azercell balance  on the "Kabinetim" application at the same time.

Perform all important payment transactions in one application - "Kabinetim"!

Azercell Kabinetim app can be downloaded simply by clicking on this link.

To use the features of the application, it is required to register with an Azercell number.

How to convert VAT into balance?

  1. Collect the receipts for payments in retail and catering establishments.

  2. Enter "ƏDV Geri Al" section on "Kabinetim. Register via “Kabinetim” mobile application or log in to an existing "ƏDV Geri Al" account.

  3. Get VAT interest back by entering the fiscal ID of the receipt or by scanning the QR code. If the receipt is supposed to refund VAT, the amount is credited to the account 30 (thirty) days after the cheque is issued. Your account will be credited with VAT in the amount of 15% for non-cash payments and 10% for cash payments.

  4. Top-up your balance directly on "Kabinetim" application via the amount of VAT refunded.

Additional information

The customer registers in portal via "Kabinetim" mobile application or logs in to the existing “ƏDV geri al” account. After logging into the account, you can get the VAT interest back by entering the fiscal ID of the purchase receipt or by reading the QR code.

The funds accrued from different portals and apps remain on relevant portals and apps. However, your total “ƏDV geri al” balance will be the same in ABB mobile and Azercell Kabinetim apps.

Fiscal ID is a unique 12 digits identifier of each cash register receipt. This Fiscal Code is encoded into a QR code for more comfortable operation, which can be scanned by mobile phones or QR Readers easily.

Kabinetim is an application designed for easy number management.

You can download the "Kabinetim" mobile application from the Play Store on Android mobile devices, from the Apple Store on iOS mobile devices and from the AppGallery on Huawei mobile devices.

To use the features of the application, it is enough to register with Azercell number.

In the top left menu, select “ƏDV geri al”
"Agree with the terms of using the “ƏDV geri al” service"
"Confirm the information to access the “ƏDV geri al” section"
"Enter the one-time password provided by ABB"
"Set a password for the “ƏDV geri al” Portal"
"Your “ƏDV geri al” account is activated."

"Enter PIN code, date of birth, and mobile number"
"Once the identification is made with the OTP code received on the phone, set a password for accessing the portal, thus the registration on the portal ends and an "ƏDV geri al" account is automatically generated",
"Only people over 18 years old can register on the portal."

Yes, by reading the "QR code" on the receipt through the portal or ABB Mobile app. In the window that opens confirming the VAT refund, the information is checked for compliance with the State Tax Service database, the consumer is informed, and the receipt confirmation is immediately shown in the "ƏDV geri al" card section.

You can transfer the amount of collected VAT interest to the balance of yourself or another Azercell number.

If the receipt is added less than 90 minutes after its creation, the client will be notified as "This receipt is not in the system and will be automatically checked again" and after displaying in the system, it will be automatically transferred to the "Cheques" section.

If the fiscal ID of the check is not entered into the system within 30 calendar days from the date of creation of the cheque, the request for VAT refund is kept in the "Cheques" section with the status of "Expected".

If 30 calendar days have passed since the date of creation of the cheque , when the fiscal ID of the receipt is entered into the system, the VAT amount is immediately transferred to the consumer's virtual account and it is stored in the "Cheques" section with the status "Paid".

After 30 calendar days from the date of issue of the receipt, the receipt status is automatically re-checked through the integrated database. If the receipt is not valid, it is stored in section "Cheques" with "Canceled" status.