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Our vast network covers 89.3% of the territory of Azerbaijan and 99.8% of its population. And we are still expanding.

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4G is short for ‘4th generation’. It refers to the fourth major development upgrade for telecommunications. 4G technology allows for data transfer at speeds of up to 100 Mbps for mobile and 1 Gbps for fixed-line users. The most widely-used 4G technology in the world is LTE, so both words in this context are synonymous.

4G offers a range of advantages over older technology, including higher speeds and a more stable network. This gives users:

  • faster upload and download of files and videos
  • higher network speed
  • more stable network
  • uninterrupted voice calls
  • high-quality video streaming
  • uninterrupted online gaming
  • a range of other practical benefits
No, Azercell upgrades all customers from 3G to 4G at no added cost. The only factor that increases is the speed you enjoy.

All you need to use 4G technology is a mobile device with 4G capabilities and a USIM SIM card that supports new generation LTE technology. To check whether your SIM card supports 4G, SMS 4G to 2525.

If your current SIM card does not support 4G, you can swap it for a 4G-capable SIM card of your number at any nearest Azercell Exclusive office by presenting your current number and national identification card.

If 4G was not activated on your mobile phone automatically, you can activate it manually using the following steps.


Settings → Сellular → Cellular Data Options → Voice & Data → 4G (LTE)


Menu → Settings → Additional / Other networks / Other → Mobile networks → Network mode → LTE (or automatic GSM / WCDMA / LTE connection)

Azercell’s 4G network features download speeds as high as 190 Mbps and upload speeds as high as 95 Mbps. The average download speed is 27.8 Mbps and the average upload speed is 18.5 Mbps.