• We renewed our website!

    We have recently renewed our website. We did it with the intent to welcome all of our visitors with increased accessibility and a further comprehensive website.

    In our updated website we offer:

    • A cleaner look and responsive interface that is now compatible with smartphones and tablets - so you can continue to surf our website while on-the-go. 
    • Our subscribers using Android gadgets will be able to buy the offered products in just one click - nothing easier now than buying a product.
    • Minimalist web design with fewer images and graphics Interactive design that makes customers feel like they are more in touch with us and our company.
    • Detailed information about products which is easy to read and is provided in conversational style. Through our content we try to help our customers better understand which option might be a better fit for their needs.

    ​Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best customer service and provide them with easy access to our website.