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My Business Loyalty

My Business Loyalty

Unique loyalty program with special rewards

My Business Loyalty

Exclusively for My Business Club members

Receive 7% of total annual payments back and benefit from special bonus rewards.

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Benefits for you

Special bonuses

Receive 7% bonus amount from annual payments

Invoice payments

Use bonuses to cover your billed amounts

Free devices

Spend bonuses and get free handsets


How it works:

Corporate customer company signs a contract with Azercell Business

Contract period can be from 1 to 5 years

7% of the annual payment amount is returned to the customer's account as a bonus

The bonus is credited to the customer's account immediately on the day of payment

Accumulated bonuses can be used only after 1 year

The bonus amount can be used to make payments or purchase mobile devices

Invoices can be paid either via Kabinetim or by contacting Azercell’s Corporate Support Team

Mobile devices can be obtained by contacting Azercell's corporate customer service representative

Manage your bonus amount on a daily basis

Manage your bonus amount on a daily basis

Easily handle your bonus amount, transfer it and check its usage history via Kabinetim.

Additional information

Enterprises or organizations with annual payment more than 6000 AZN to Azercell can join "My Business Loyalty" program.

In order to join the program, it is required to contact dedicated Azercell account manager.

The bonus amount can be accessed by the dedicated proxy-person assigned by company.

The bonus amount can be transferred to the balance of any number within the company, except for numbers registered in the name of an individual.

The amount transferred can’t exceed the bonus amount.

Information on the list and prices of available mobile devices can be obtained by contacting the responsible representative of Azercell.

The price of the purchased devices can’t be higher than the available bonus amount.