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“Children Hotline” service supported by Azercell received 1547 queries during the summer months

calendar 12.09.2019

Operating with the support of the leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan, Azercell Telecom, “Children Hotline” service has revealed reports for June, July and August 2019.

The service primarily aimed at providing children with preliminary psychological assistance, emotional support, counselling for the range of issues, subsequently directing them to relevant rehabilitation centers or other institutions when needed, has received 1547 queries during the past three months. 89 of the incoming calls were related to issues requiring psychological assistance, 194 to legal, 901 to educational, 80 to health, 125 to social, and 158 to other issues. 1440 of the queries were received from the individuals over 18, whereas 107 of callers were under 18. It should be noted that the majority of the calls received by “Children Hotline” are from children suffering abuse from family members, teachers, peers and from those that have been deprived of communication with one of their parents as a result of divorce. As a company attaching great importance to projects assisting children in need of constant care in its CSR strategy, Azercell established Goygol office of Children Hotline” service on July 13, 2018. Along with residents of Goygol, the center is serving to children living in the neighboring regions (Goranboy, Ganja, Shamkir, Gazakh, Aghstafa).

Calls to 24/7 “Children Hotline” service operating with the support of Azercell Telecom and "Ümidli Gələcək" Public Union are free of charge from both landline and Azercell numbers. The service can be reached by dialing the following numbers in any time of the day: (012) 480 22 80, (050) 680 22 80, (051) 880 11 80, (051) 880 22 80 and (051) 580 22 80. Aiming to make the “Children Hotline” service accessible worldwide, mobile application for both IOS and Android operating systems was launched in 2017 with Azercell’s initiative and support.

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The leader of mobile communication industry, the largest taxpayer and the biggest investor of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan “Azercell Telecom” LLC was founded in 1996. With 49 percent share of Azerbaijan’s mobile telecom market Azercell’s network covers 99.1 percent of the territory (excluding the occupied territories) and 99.8 percent of population of the country. Currently, 4.5 million subscribers choose Azercell services. Azercell has pioneered an important number of innovations in Azerbaijan, including GSM technology, advance payment system, mobile internet services, Metro coverage, 24/7 call center service (*1111), 7 day/week Front Office service, M2M services, one-stop-shopping approach Azercell Express offices, mobile customer services, Online Customer Care and Social Media Customer Care services, mobile e-signature service “ASAN Imza” etc. Azercell deployed first 4G – LTE services in Azerbaijan in 2012. According to the results of mobile network quality and wireless coverage mapping surveys by international systems, Azercell’s network demonstrated the best results among the mobile operators of Azerbaijan. Azercell is the only company in Azerbaijan and CIS region which has been awarded Gold Certificate of International “Investors in People” Standard.