Huawei Ascend Y200
Huawei Ascend Y200
A smart price for a smartphone!

Buy a Huawei Ascend Y 200 phone with an initial payment of 39 AZN, paying 15 AZN monthly for a year and get on-net 150 minutes and 150 SMS, as well as, 150 MB Internet traffic!

To join the campaign, apply to Azercell Express offices with your ID card.

Campaign is valid since 4 December, 2012.



Upload software Ascend Y200 on your micro SD memory card and switch off your telephone. In the off mode by pressing volume up/down button at the same time, simultaneously press on power button of the telephone. After the vibration, release buttons. It is possible to observe the installation process that lasts approximately 2 minutes on the telephone screen. Do not touch any buttons while the installation is in progress. On successful completion of the installation process, a highlight about it will appear on the screen. Notes: If the red light flashes while pressing volume up/down and power off/on that shows the micro SD memory card has not been properly inserted in the telephone. All data downloaded to the phone before the installation will be removed.




  • The campaign is for postpaid subscribers.
  • Subscription to the campaign is possible once only and only with number registered to the customer.
  • Bonuses are on-net and can be used within current billcycle.
  • When joined to the campaign current subscription to the Internet packages will be canceled. A new subscription is impossible while customer participates in the campaign.
  • Subscribers of the campaign can be use bonuses of 100-də 100 qazanc campaign.
  • To switch from postpaid to SimSim the subscriber must pay the debt of the campaign in full.
  • Extra 1 MB – 0.04 AZN.
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